Our slogan, “Structural Engineers with Practical Solutions”, says it all. We have been in business for over 33 years, successfully completing projects with various developers; architects; mechanical, electrical and plumbing consultants; civil firms; geotechnical firms; general contractors; and last, but certainly not least, municipalities and state and federal government. During the last 33 years, we have developed a reputation of "thinking outside the box”. Clients have found a home for those “tough” projects that no other firms want to tackle.

A good example of taking on the “tough” projects is the Test Chambers at Aberdeen Proving Ground for the M1 Tanks. The Corps of Engineers had this project “on hold” since 1967, and, based on our reputation on some other smaller “tough” projects, they decided to directly hire our firm to design these Test Chambers. Two different Chambers were designed to test mobility and firing accuracy under adverse atmospheric conditions that included keeping the Chambers at a temperature of between –65 degrees Fahrenheit to +165 degrees Fahrenheit. The design included sophisticated insulated panels, high tech HVAC, blast proof construction, and other “one of a kind engineering solutions”.

Another example of thinking “outside the box” was our approach to designing the oldest English buildings in America, which were the Replica 1607 Buildings inside Jamestown Fort. Our firm researched 400 years of English construction and worked closely with the Master Carpenters of England and Jamestown to design accurate replicas of the 1607 buildings that were originally attempted in the 1950s. We designed these “waddle and daub” structures with mostly thatch roofs to be as accurate as possible. Using information provided to us by the Project Archeologist, William Kelso, we were able to accurately locate and orient the buildings inside the Fort. In addition to working in the Jamestown Fort, we designed circa 1680’s Indian Cabin, Slave Quarters, and Planter’s House that are full size replicas built inside the Jamestown Settlement Visitor Center.

Our firm takes pride in the fact that we have numerous repeat and referred clients that request our services. We feel every project is important and will lead us to the next project with that client. With that in mind, no client is treated as “second class citizen”.

Speaking of pride, we are also very proud of our versatility. Our firm stands ready to take on almost any project and almost any schedule. We were recently asked to act as Prime on a 75,000 square foot, 3-story hotel in Hatteras and were given 30 days to complete 100% contract documents, which we did.

We are always ready to help our clients complete a project, whether it is residential, or a small office building, or a shopping center, or the tallest building in the State. We have worked at most of the military bases on the East Coast, as well as many military bases around the world, and we have completed over 900 federal government projects. We have completed work on nearly every college campus in Virginia, and we have completed over 100 projects for local municipalities under our Structural Annuals. We have a vast amount of experience with adaptive re-use and we believe we are the leader in Historic Preservation for structural firms in the State of Virginia.

Our office stands willing and able to assist you, our most important asset, Our Client.ClientSatisfactionPic3