Roland is the President of the firm. He is in charge of overseeing all office functions. He is responsible for coordinating interoffice activities, negotiating fees, assisting in marketing, as well as assisting the other principals in project management and with the firm’s quality control. He holds a project status meeting weekly with the principals of the firm and all other staff members. At these meetings, each project is discussed extensively and schedules are determined between the principals, engineers, and CADD technicians.

Roland has more than forty-three (43) years of structural engineering experience that includes design, project management, and construction administration. He has provided services for various federal, state, and municipal government agencies, as well as developers, institutional, commercial, and private clients. His experience is with all common building materials, including wood, masonry, steel, and concrete, as well as a variety of foundation systems with both high wind and seismic loadings.

Roland has been the Principal-in-Charge on over 50 historical projects and has experience in all types of construction, generally including wood and masonry construction utilizing hand hewn large and small timbers, mortised and dowelled joints, hand made brick, and many one-of-a-kind structures. Roland has personally completed the structural restoration work for most of the historical projects in our office including the field investigation, research, design and supervision of the preparation of the contract documents. He has worked closely with the Virginia Department of the Historical Resources on many projects and recently worked with the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation designing 7 Replica 1607 buildings that were first constructed inside Jamestown Fort. He also designed a Replica 1670 to 1700 Indian Cabin, Slave Quarters, and Planters House for the Jamestown Yorktown Foundation. Another project that Roland completed is Historic St. Luke’s Church of Smithfield (circa 1632), which is the oldest church in America and found on both the National and State Historical Register.

Roland has also completed numerous other types of projects, including Government, Commercial, Retail, Medical, Office, Parking Structures, K-12, Higher Education, Hotel/Hospitality, Restaurants/Dining, Waterfront, etc.

Professional Experience
43 Years of Experience

Bachelor of Science / 1973 / Civil Engineering / Old Dominion University

1979 / Professional Engineer / VA
1992 / Professional Engineer / PA
1994 / Professional Engineer / MS
1995 / Professional Engineer / GA
1996 / Professional Engineer / FL
1996 / Professional Engineer / NC
1998 / Professional Engineer / MD
1998 / Professional Engineer / OK
2002 / Professional Engineer / TX
2003 / Professional Engineer / NE
2003 / Professional Engineer / IA
2003 / Professional Engineer / NM
2003 / Professional Engineer / KS
2003 / Professional Engineer / KY
2003 / Professional Engineer / AZ
2003 / Professional Engineer / OR
2003 / Professional Engineer / VT
2003 / Professional Engineer / NJ
2003 / Professional Engineer / WV
2003 / Professional Engineer / SD
2003 / Professional Engineer / CO
2009 / Professional Engineer / LA

Also Registered in 7 other states

2003 / NCEES

Professional Affiliations
American Civil Engineering Council
American Institute of Architects
Post Tensioning Institute
National Society of Professional Engineers
American Concrete Institute
Hampton Roads Association for Commercial Real Estate